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Opening a new café? or Refurbishing your restaurant? Whatever the case, we can get new equipment finance in less than 4 hours.

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Your new dental equipment can be financed in less than 4 hours. Just complete our easy online application form.

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Your source for financing loans and equipment leasing in the UK

There are many times in life when you will have a personal or business related need for equipment that may be too expensive for outright purchase. This is the time when you need to find a reliable company that will lift that financial burden from your shoulders allowing you to make use of all kinds of expensive equipment without the huge expense. Easy Equipment Leasing is here to help and save you money, with our friendly, helpful staff we can find the best leasing option for you.

What is equipment leasing?

New to equipment leasing? Find out exactly what it means and how it benefits your business.

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What is the process?

Our equipment leasing contracts can be set up with just 6 easy steps. Find out what they are here.

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Is leasing right for me?

Not sure whether equipment leasing is right for you? Let us explain why it’s much better than paying cash.

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At some time in your life, whether it’s for business or personal reasons, you will require equipment for a business venture, updating technology, a car or a security system and let’s face it some of these are just far too expensive to purchase outright. This is when a reliable leasing company, you can trust, that will work with youto help lift that financial burden.

Our dedicated staff will work tirelessly to find the best leasing option that suit all your needs as well as help you save money. We deal with every kind of leasing options, including business asset finance, catering equipment, computer leasing, gym equipment, optical equipment and dental equipment are to name just a few.

We aim to offer our customers the best lease packages and market finance available. We are completely FCA accredited so you can trust you are in good hands. We are a customer based equipment leasing Company who will always search out the best finance deals from the whole market just for you.

Leasing company

A lot of people choose to lease a vehicle instead of buying one. When you do a lease, you can exchange the car for a newer model for example, depending upon the terms of your lease. However, you can do the same thing with office equipment or heavy equipment for construction. Which means that you could have the latest and best equipment for your business, this will again depend upon your lease contract, and our company will ensure that you get the best deal to be found in the UK.

Business equipment leasing

Buying the best quality equipment is always a good investment, as not only will it last much longer but won’t depreciate in value as rapidly as cheaper alternatives.
Business equipment leasing allows you the best chance of upgrading your equipment when necessary, plus your expenses will be much lower when you choose to lease.

Equipment leasing

An additional benefit to equipment leasing UKis that you can get any item replaced right away if there is any kind of malfunction. There are specific terms and conditions for this process, however all malfunctions which are factory related will be replaced at no extra cost to you.

When you lease equipment, you are doing something that is practical, not only do you relinquish the responsibility for any maintenance, but you are essentially paying someone else to have that responsibility.

Financial Safety

Setting up a new businessis not easy, and there is always a level of uncertainty when it comes to the success. With a lease from us you are minimalizing that risk as you aren’t sinking all your capital into new equipment and much needed funds can be utilized elsewhere.

All You Need

When you choose equipment leasing, we will assist you with getting any kind of equipment that you require. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and we are here to answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to give you all the information you need, so you will know why leasing is best for you.

Setting up any business from the ground up can be costly due to the many varieties of equipment you may need. It can even run into the tens of thousands of pounds. If something breaks down and you can’t afford to get it repaired, other things are sure to follow. This can escalateinto huge bills you can ill afford. With equipment lease you can focus on running your business instead of worrying about the cost of keeping your equipment running as it should.

Contact us today so that we can go over the best options in leasing for you and get that vital equipment you need.

Equipment Sectors

Dental Equipment Leasing

Financing dental practices is a very costly operation...


Vendor Finance

The word “vendor” covers every aspect of the selling genre, so whether you sell burgers from a food stand or computer...


Software Finance

Software finance and software leasing needs an underwriter who fully understands the benefits this will bring to your business.


Soft Play Finance

At Easy Equipment Leasing, leisure finance experience is second to none and with particular expertise working new childrens Soft Play centres.


Self Storage Finance

Owning a self-storage business can be very lucrative. But also there are many expenses, firstly you have your customer’s security to think of...


Schools Finance

Easy Equipment Leasing have helped many schools and universities across the UK finance new equipment and facilities to help their students.


Salon Finance

With our help, many businesses have been able to open and expand by providing both salon and beauty equipment finance.


Retail Finance

Easy Equipment Leasing have helped many retail outlets get up and running with leasing for EPOS, CCTV and even stock.


Restaurant Finance

If bespoke restaurant equipment leasing is what you're looking for, we have a tailor-made financing programs available for you.


Public Sector Finance

Public sector finance is becoming more and more popular with institutions like schools, housing associations to the NHS.


Professional Finance

Every journey from start-up to maturity is different, so are financial needs. Professional loans can help make the difference.


Plant & Machinery Finance

Plant and machinery equipment is very expensive, whether you need the equipment to improve your business...


Office Furniture Finance

If you are moving office or starting a refurbishment project...


Medical Finance

Medical equipment leasing is the professional's choice for tax efficient borrowing with a minimal deposit.


Leisure Finance

Leisure Leasing with Easy Equipment Leasing is the easiest and quickest way to fund any large purchase from jets skies to quad bikes. We can find the...


Laundry Finance

To assist you in these difficult times, laundry equipment leasing will provide a great alternative...


IT Finance

IT efficiency should drive your business forward so you should invest in the equipment your business needs - not just what you can afford.


Hospitality Finance

Find funding for any equipment purchase for your B&B, hotel or even restaurant bar.


Gym Kit Finance

The leisure club market has seen massive competition over the last ten years and there is a constant need to update your gym kit.


Garage Finance

Garage equipment is one of our favourites, we are often able to facilitate leasing with no deposit over 36 or 60 months.


Equipment Finance

All of our agents at Easy Equipment Leasing have a vast knowledge in the catering equipment field and therefore can direct you to ...


Construction Finance

Cash is king when it comes to construction equipment. Times are hard so don’t tie up valuable cash reserves in costly equipment.


Chip Shops Finance

New technology and energy-efficient chip shop equipment is expensive, so leasing facilities can be a real advantage for your business.


CCTV Finance

If you’re involved in finance and CCTV leasing for security systems, you’ll know how complicated, and costly, it can be to install.


Catering Equipment Finance

We are specialists in the area of catering equipment leasing and finance, having operated in this sector since 2005.


Camera Finance

We can help provide you with finance for both your camera and associated equipment, such as lighting, lenses, and more.



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