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Catering Equipment Finance

All of our agents at Easy Equipment Leasing UK have a vast knowledge in the catering equipment field and therefore can direct you to the best leasing option for you. We can supply financing for any catering business no matter how big or small. Not only to business’s like restaurants, pubs, clubs, bars, hotels and franchises but we can also arrange leases for larger business’s such as food processing / manufacturing facilities and catering suppliers.


Setting up a business from the ground up can cost an absolute fortune but a catering establishment, with large items such as cooker, dishwashers, fridges and freezers etc. this can run into the tens of thousands and on the same note if you are an established kitchen and your equipment start failing and 9 times out of 10 if one thing breaks down and can’t be repaired then other items are sure to follow, it can run into huge bills you can ill afford. With Easy Equipment Leasing we can take that headache away by sourcing the best lease that works for you.

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