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CCTV Finance

Anyone who has ever set up finance and CCTV leasing for security systems knows what a costly and complicated business it really can be, but with our experienced agents here at Easy Equipment Leasing couldn’t be simpler, we can find the right leasing package that’s suits your needs and meets your budget. Security systems can be a really costly business with alarms, CCTV cameras, monitors just being a small part of the overall security system, but with our highly trained staff we will show you how cost effectively and really easily it can be to lease the complete system, we can arrange the leasing to do it all (the equipment, installation, wiring and installation) in one easy step.


Security systems are an expensive outlay for any business, but can you really put a price on the peace of mind that knowing your property and business that you have invested so much time, money and effort into is safe and secure, with Easy Equipment Leasing UK we take away the financial worries that come with security, as funding from banks can be difficult for this type of equipment, so you can buy the most effective security system for your business without having to worry about asking those dreaded words of “how much”. We will ensure you get the right package that suits you, which does include significant tax benefits, with a lease arranged by Easy Equipment Leasing you’ll also be able to afford an upgrade if and when the need arises.

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