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Chip Shops Finance

Fish and chip shops in the uk are seeing a huge surge at the moment from new premises opening up to existing shops being revamped or expanded, so why not cash in as there can be huge profits to be made in catering, with our team having such a vast knowledge in the catering industry you couldn’t be in better hands.
All catering equipment is expensive and fitting out a chip shop is no exception with the many fridges, freezers and fryers that are involved in starting up a chip shop the expense can be huge. Or if you are an existing shop wanting to improve you premises. New high spec and energy efficient chip shop equipment can be a very expensive purchase, so leasing might just be the answer to staying ahead and striving over other shops by being able to buy the best quality equipment with extended warranties instead of making do with inferior quality merchandise that will inevitably let you down. We will find the best finance package that suits you, with the excellent tax benefits and the fact that you and spread the cost over 3 – 5 years, you really cannot afford not to call us.

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