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Construction Finance

Construction equipment is going to be expensive, especially the heavier equipment such as diggers, forklifts and trucks etc. well with a lease from Easy Equipment Leasing we can take away all of the stress of either starting up a new business or if the worst happens and one of your larger items of machinery fails and is unrepairable. With costs running into tens and even hundreds of thousands of pounds, with just one phone call to us we can sort out the best package for you.

You may ask yourself why would I want a lease from Easy Equipment Leasing? The answers are simple with a perfectly tailored lease from us it will enable you to increase your profits as you we be able to conserve your capital and use it where it’s needed most and have all the equipment you need without it making a huge dent in your bank account. A lease will allow you to afford the best quality and get the latest model that will last a lifetime and not have to make do with inferior machinery that will constantly need maintenance and repair. A lease also allows you to pay as you use, so you can pay for the equipment as you use it and you can spread the cost over 3 – 5 years and take that initial pressure off. With the tax benefits you can have all of this with just one easy direct debit payment per month.

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