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Dental Equipment Leasing

Financing dental practices is a very costly operation, whether you are opening a new clinic or want to refurbish your old premises, even when an item of equipment fails and is unrepairable finding the finances to replace items can sometimes be difficult. But with an East Equipment Lease you can afford any item you need without it making a huge dent in your capital. You can receive a lease for any dental item from autoclaves to surgical tools and even the dreaded drill. Payments can be made over 3 – 5 years and all items on lease are 100% tax deductible.

All businesses from time to time need a sizable cash injection, no matter how large or small the business, even the most successful of practices will need a large sum of money from time to time to improve or expand their business, with a lease from Easy Equipment Leasing you can afford all the latest dental equipment, office furniture and waiting room décor you need without dipping in to your capital freeing your finances for other expenses. More and more businesses are now using leasing as an alternative to loans or any other financial aid as it makes much more sense.

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