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Gym Kit Finance

We fund more fitness gyms and gym equipment than anybody on the planet, including banks and other financial organizations. We offer our clients some assistance with investing so as to grow in their future. A few of our clients have begun with us as single-club administrators and extended to end up different club proprietors. We comprehend club operations, and this permits us to help with financing, as well as to offer you some assistance with avoiding basic — and expensive — mistakes.



We have many years of experience financing fitness equipment. We’ve molded the business. We have an exclusive framework that considers a lot of variables to bring you the best financial solution possible. This is how we differ from many financial institutions. This allows us to fund many small gym businesses.



Not all loans are the same. There are many options to consider before you invest in a large purchase. Remember, we have a financial stake in your success too. We want you to succeed. The first thing to do is discuss what kind of gym you want to open and what kind of gym or gym equipment you need. Once we understand your goals we get to work finding you the best financial loan that fits your needs. This is done by finding you the best loan rate, the correct amount of money you will need, and the longevity of the loan.

Another factor you can consider is leasing a gym or its equipment. There are several benefits here. One such benefit is having the luxury of updating the equipment when needed. With technology today there is always something new and better that comes out. You could want that option to upgrade your gym equipment when needed. Another benefits is gym equipment repairs can be expensive. Leasing usually covers repairs. When a piece of gym equipment is damaged a repairman can fix or replace the equipment if needed. Fitness gym leasing is a superb path for any size gym or fitness club.



Now that you understand the differences between leasing or buying let us help you decide what the best method is for you. Either way we have you covered. The hardest part to achieving your dream is taking the first step. So take that first step by contacting us and we will help you achieve your goals.

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