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Hospitality Finance

All industries across the board will need financial assistance from time to time, when a large item of equipment or even many small item fail and are unfixable there is pressure to find the funds to replace these item. With an Easy Equipment lease we can find the best deal for your situation. There are many bonuses to leasing compared to a conventional loan, all leased items are 100 % tax deductible, payments are spread over 3 – 5 years and when you have made your very last payment the equipment is all yours. What more could you ask for.

The hospitality industry has a broad spectrum of fields, which include lodgings, event planning, theme parks, transportation, and many more within tourism. The hospitality industry is a multimillion pound industry and with that comes huge expenses so for example if you have a restaurant or hotel there are many sectors that need financing and funding like the kitchen and all the equipment involved, the restaurant itself with all the furnishings and décor etc. the bar which needs multiple fridges and so on the list is endless. With a lease from Easy Equipment leasing we can take the stress out of those huge purchases that would normally make a huge impact on your hard earned capital.

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