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Laundry Finance

Any launderette no matter whether you are a large company offering laundry services to the hospitality industry or hospitals etc. or a smaller launderette and drycleaners on the high street, good quality equipment that not only is efficient but long lasting is expensive. Our agents at Easy Equipment Leasing UK will work with you to offer you a lease that suits all your requirements.

When large equipment items finally give up the ghost and can no longer be repaired there is always that stressful question “how am I going to replace this” well with Easy Equipment Leasing it couldn’t be easier we will find the best deal for you, that you pay in monthly installments over 3 – 5 years, and with the tax benefits you really can’t afford not to one of many, many businesses that now use leasing as the best option when they need to either replace old equipment or when starting up new ventures. So if you are looking to purchase industrial or coin operated washers, dryers, stacking equipment or shirt finishers, give us a call we will give you the best deal in leasing.

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