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Leisure Finance

The leisure industry can be one of the most lucrative but also one of the most expensive businesses to run. All areas in leisure whether you have an adventure park, amusement arcade, bowling alley, golf club or laser tag will at some point need new equipment to improve or expand their business.


Leasing with Easy Equipment Leasing is the easiest and quickest way to fund any large purchase from jets skies to quad bikes. We can find the leasing package for you.

You may ask why I should lease rather than get a loan from the bank? Well the short answer money, with a lease from Easy Equipment Leasing, we can offer you the best deal. Leasing is 100 % tax deductible, meaning the amount you pay back is far less that what you would pay in interest on a loan, you can pay over 3-5 years and when the very last payment is made the equipment is yours, It couldn’t be simpler or more cost effective than from any high street bank.

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