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Professional Finance

Keeping ahead of the game when you are a professional is extremely difficult as there are so many other firms competing to poach your customers from you and if you don’t have a “professional “office, car, practice etc. then you run the risk to losing your clients to the competition. We can provide Leasing for all kinds of professional genres including Accountants, Barristers, Architects and all medical fields including pharmacists.


Whether you are starting up a new practice, office, shop or wanting to revamping your existing premises or vehicles we can find the best leasing package to suit your budget, so if it’s just a few items you need or have an entire practice/office fitted out, we can provide you with the best deal. There are many benefits to leasing compared to getting a loan from your bank, repayment can be made over 3 – 5 years and when leasing goods its 100% tax deductible are just two examples why leasing is best.

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