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Public Sector Finance

Easy Equipment Leasing can help with all aspects of public sector finance, whether its Further / higher education or care homes to parish councils, we will find the best leasing option to suit your needs. You might ask yourself why lease rather that getting a loan, well the short answer is, loans are expensive and leasing is 100% tax deductible and repaying available over 3 – 5 years Leasing from Easy Equipment Leasing is the better choice.


Working in the public sector there can be many unexpected and expensive situations that can arise and are beyond your control, that will make a huge dent in your yearly budget. We work with all aspects of the public sector from NHS to private healthcare so no matter how large or small your organization we can help you, whether you need I.T. hardware, software, telecommunications, vehicles or heating equipment the list is endless, we can find the best leasing package that will suit your financial needs.

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