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Restaurant Finance

All of our agents at Easy Equipment Leasing UK have a vast knowledge of all restaurant and catering equipment so with us you are in safe hands. If you are contacting us from a small café or a large restaurant chain we can assist you with all your equipment needs, we can arrange leasing for the smallest of individual firms to large corporate catering companies and anything in between. With all restaurant and catering equipment the most expensive is normally always the best and the better quality equipment you buy the longer it will last and give you a better performance, with a lease from Easy Equipment Leasing you can afford to buy the best and not make a huge dent in your capital.


You may ask yourself why would I opt for leasing over a loan, well the answer to that is simple with a lease you use the equipment while you are paying for it, with the repayments being over 3-5 years and also the ability for offset 100% of the lease against your tax bill, leasing truly is the best option for you.


In our 20 years of experience working within the finance sector, and with over 8,000 UK companies helped, by far the largest proportion of clients we deal with are in the restaurant and catering industries.


This has given us a unique advantage amongst other finance companies – that of extensive experience working with many different types of restaurants. From restaurant chains to sandwich shops, fine dining to chip shops, we’ve worked with them all.


So if you are in the restaurant trade, and you’re wondering whether you can take advantage of equipment leasing to finance anything from new furniture to a new commercial kitchen, then we have the solution for you.


We can help you preserve your working capital and keep your existing credit lines intact for other areas of business growth. Let our leasing packages work for you, by moving your payments for new equipment into the highly tax-beneficial operational expenditure.
Restaurant Equipment Leasing
Whether you are looking to finance a single item of equipment or an entire refit of your premises, we promise to react quickly and access our panel of independent funders to get you answer as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter to us whether you are an established business or a brand new one, we will do our very best to provide you the same great level of service.
We can help you get finance for:
• Bakery Equipment Leasing
• Pizza Oven Leasing
• Walk-in Freezer Finance
• Ice Machine Leasing
• Restaurant Furniture Financing
• Commercial Mixers | Slicers | Bar Sinks
• Grills/ Cookers & Range Leasing
• Hot Food Tables & Tabletop Warmers
• Coffee Machines & EPOS
• Cooking equipment
• Food-handling equipment
• Food-preparation equipment
• Refrigeration equipment
• Epos and cash registers
• Bespoke steel fabrication
• Cold rooms
• Coffee machines
We have the experience in restaurant and catering finance that you need to transform your business. Don’t delay, get in touch with one of our knowledgeable restaurant equipment finance experts today, and we’ll help find a tailor-made solution for you.

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