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Retail Finance

Retail spans an enormous range of businesses from market stalls to large retail chains, so whether you are looking to help start up a business or expand your existing business, we can find the best leasing option for you. Every business from time to time hits financial hurdles and these unexpected expenses can hit hard but with an Easy Equipment Lease you can afford whatever equipment you need and source the best quality with it breaking the bank. Leasing from us couldn’t be easier just give us a call and we’ll do all the hard work for you.


Large purchases for a shop refit, new equipment or even a new security system can make a huge dent in your hard earned capital. There are many advantages to leasing equipment, firstly there is no down payment required with a lease, the interest is miniscule due to the tax benefits that all leases are 100% tax deductible and the leased equipment itself is all that is required to secure a lease. So as you can see there are some very good reasons why a lease is better over a conventional loan and upon your very final payment the equipment is all yours.

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