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Schools Finance

If you are running a public or private school funding, at times can be extremely difficult to obtain. As everyone knows running a school can be a very costly business, to keep your school up to date with modern technology for example can run into the hundreds of thousands of pounds that might not be in the yearly budget. With an Easy Equipment Lease, you can afford all the equipment you need and repay over 3 – 5 years with easy monthly installments and at the very end of your lease the items are yours, that and the fact that leasing is 100 % tax deductible leasing is surely the best option.

Easy Equipment Leasing can find the best lease for any school whether its private or public, also any type of school from nursery to a catering we can find leasing for everyone. So if your catering department need a load of new ovens or your wood work department need new lathes then we can find the best deal for you. Leasing has become more and more popular over the last few years for many reasons here are just a few, there is no down payment required with a lease, the interest is minuscule due to the tax benefits and the leased equipment itself is usually all that is needed to secure a lease. There are many more advantages just call our friendly staff we are here to help.

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