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Soft Play Finance

One of the main reasons soft play areas fail is that another one has opened up in the same area and is bigger and better. Everyone know that change and upgrading is the only to keep children stimulated and the soft play area is no exception you need to keep moving so you don’t go stale and out of date with the kids or they will find somewhere else to go that’s why leasing is the best option for your business.


The soft play genre is difficult to predict as children’s tastes change and fads come and go so quickly, you always need to be that one step ahead. Leasing with Easy Equipment Leasing UK means you can stay ahead and change with the kids. So whether you want to add new exciting areas to your business like new play structures, synthetic ice rinks for example you can even branch out into catering because kids are always hungry. There are also the heating and cooling of the premises that you run and depending how big your establishment is that alone can be a very costly affair. Leasing is possibly the best option, as you can pay the lease over 3-5 years and with all leased equipment being tax deductible it make more sense than going to the bank for a loan.


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