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Vendor Finance

The word “vendor” covers every aspect of the selling genre, so whether you sell burgers from a food stand or computer software for a tech company, we can find the easiest and best leasing package to fulfill your requirements. Our friendly agents at Easy Equipment Leasing have a vast knowledge of this sector of business, so no matter what you need we will be able to help you.

You might be asking yourself what is leasing and why is it better than a loan, well there are many reasons and here are just a few, firstly and probably the best reason is your lease is 100% tax deductible meaning that your lease will cost you very little compared to a loan from the bank or any other finance brokers, you are able to conserve your capital and have better cash flow with easy repayments over 3 – 5 years. The repayments are fixed and at the end of your lease when you have made your final payment the item you have been leasing is yours. These are just a few of the benefits of leasing, when you call our expert staff they can answer any other questions you may have.

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